Greennovation Technologies, a private limited company, is the name of a business initiative taken by five passionate entrepreneurs who believe in the power of corporate in addressing social issues. This organization works in the field of innovative technologies that can better the status quo of the people in the bottom of the pyramid.

In a world of 3 billion homeless people (of which around 80 million are in our homeland Bangladesh), Greennovation Technologies is working to introduce an affordable and sustainable housing material named Jutin , chiefly made from jute (hessian cloth), a locally abundant raw-material. The Jutin is an affordable (40% cost effective compared to the CI and GP sheets) as well as environmentally sustainable (permanent and salinity-resistant) solution to this huge homelessness problem of the across the globe.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Greennovation Technologies is a private limited company which was initiated by four aspiring entrepreneurs from Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Later the team got two more members along the way who are now part of the core management team.